Quick Start#

Initialize the API client:

from csm import CSMClient

# NOTE: replace with a valid API key
csm_client = CSMClient(api_key='6bCfF4467bXXXXXX4E6B271BeC5')

Run image-to-3d inference:

# input a local image path (also supported: url, PIL.Image.Image)
image_path = "/path/to/image.png"
result = csm_client.image_to_3d(image_path, mesh_format='glb')


Run text-to-3d inference:

prompt = "3d asset of a character head, cartoon style, low poly, front view"
result = csm_client.text_to_3d(prompt, mesh_format='obj')


Mesh formats: Choose any of [‘obj’, ‘glb’, ‘usdz’] for the mesh_format argument.

Verbose mode: Run client functions with option verbose=True (the default) to see additional status messages and logs.